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We turn your drawing into a soft plush friend... a Flunfy!

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  • Unique

  • Made in Italy

  • CE marked

  • Handmade

  • Shipped in eight weeks

  • With birth certificate

Create yours!

how it works

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Send us your drawing

Our Team needs your drawing to create your new playmate. Send us your image via email, smartphone or directly on our website. Add any special request in the “notes” section.

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We start the project

Your idea is unique! As soon as Draw receives your drawing, he carefully studies it and designs the custom pattern, the individual fabric shapes that Stitch will…. stitch together to bring your Flunfy to life.

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We select the best materials

Our experts select the best fabrics with the colors and softness that best suit your Flunfy. They will later use a soft filling that will make your Flunfy special. We use only certified raw materials that comply with the most strict regulations for toys manufacturing.

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We bring your Flunfy to life

The moment has come: Cut and Stitch, our tailors, cut the fabrics as needed and stitch them together. Finally, they add the special soft filling that will make your Flunfy so irresistibly soft that you will not resist the hugging temptation!

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We visit your Flunfy

Doc, our expert doctor, performs a thorough check up to ensure that your Flunfy is as you dreamed of it, and safe enough to become your new playmate. Once everything is fine, Doc prepares the birth certificate.

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Your Flunfy is ready to reach you

Ship, our logistics expert, readies your Flunfy for the trip to reach you; he carefully wraps it and ships it to you.

the team

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He is the youngest and latest talent to have joined Flunfy. He was born in London in 1990, and you will hardly see him without a pencil in his hands; he dedicates every moment to his greatest passion, drawing and sketching, and he is a natural in creating great masterpieces. Graduated from the Camden Town Arts Academy, he is the official designer at Flunfy and helps transform your dreams and fantasies into accurate models that will later become a Flunfy.

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Born in 1984 in Paris, son of two master cutters, she showed natural talent in tailoring from a very young age, so she dedicated her time and efforts to learning everything about fashion, and learnt the most sophisticated crafts to deliver high end products for the French haute couture. During a business trip to Milan she met Stitch , with whom she created a long lasting bond. At Flunfy, she oversees all cutting activities and brings great passion and professional craft in cutting the fabrics for the next steps.

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Born in Milan in 1982, she has always dedicated much of her time to the creation of soft creations for herself and her friends. After completing her training at the Arts and Crafts Academy, she was able to transform her passion in her job. She manages Flunfy’s tailoring team and works hard to create beautiful and lovely Flunfy friends.

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He was born in 1965 in Milan He loved to play at “Little Surgeon” and showed much interest in caring for others since his early age. He decided to attend the Medical School and graduated among the best. After spending most of his career working in the most important hospitals of the country, he has joined Flunfy where he oversees the medical center and takes care of all births and ensures that the newborns are healthy and can safely reach their friends.

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Born in 1978 in Venice to gondolier parents, he started to manage transportation with gondolas, developing a talent for organization and logistics. He brilliantly graduated from the School of Economics and he is now the Logistics Manager at Flunfy, taking care of all shipments anywhere in the world.

create yours


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What kind of artwork can I send you?

You can send us any drawing or illustration, though we recommend that you choose those where there is an identifiable main subject such as a character, animal or any other idea you created

Can I send you pictures?

Yes you can. As with the drawings, we recommend that you select those with a main subject such as a character, animal or any other idea you created

How big is a Flunfy?

Every Flunfy is entirely handmade and available in two sizes: the standard size is 40 cm, the ExtraLarge is 75 cm

Which materials do you use?

Our team studies your drawing and selects the best fabrics and filling to suit the shape, color and final look of the Flunfy. We only use certified raw materials that comply with the most strict requirements in terms of toxicity and flammability, so that your new playmate is safe for you. The selection of the materials and our careful manufacturing process allow us to obtain the CE mark according to the European Toys Safety Standards

Is this safe for my child?

All materials and processes used to manufacture each Flunfy comply with European Toys Safety Standards. This is why all our products bear the CE mark and are safe to be used by children. In particular, all materials comply with EN71 regulations regarding toxicity and flammability requirements. The manufacturing process excludes any parts, like plastic or metal parts, that could detach from the product and become dangerous. Doc performs accurate medical checks on each Flunfy and certifies their suitability and safety for your children

Can you make a replica of my beloved plush toy?

Yes we can! Just keep in mind that for safety reasons our product will not include any plastic or metal parts that could detach and become dangerous. We will do our best to create a copy of your plush toy by only using fabrics and filling

Can you make a replica of my pet?

Sure! Select "Flunfy Pet", send us a photo and will do our best to make it as cute and soft!

When will my Flunfy arrive?

Each Flunfy is a unique creation and is entirely handmade. It is a long and complex job, as it is finding the right fabrics. We will ship your new Flunfy within eight weeks from your order

How much does a Flunfy cost?

We spend a lot of time in studying, designing, finding the best materials and creating your new friend. Each Flunfy is unique as your drawing is, and is entirely handmade. Prices start from 89 euro and depend on product type and size

Do you ship to my country? How much does it cost?

We currently ship to countries of the European Union (EU). Shipping to Italy costs 10 € for the first Flunfy, and 5 € for each additional Flunfy in the same order. Shipping to other EU countries costs 20 € for the first Flunfy, and 10 € for each additional Flunfy in the same order. If you reside in a non-EU country please contact us for a custom shipping quotation. Please be aware that you are responsible for any import and customs fees you may incur

What is my order status?

If you have any question regarding an existing order, please send us an email at [email protected] , including your order number

Do you offer any discounts?

If you wish to place an order for larger quantities, be them all different or based on one single drawing, please contact us and we will make a custom offer

Can I cancel an order I placed?

If you changed your mind and want to cancel your order please contact us, and if we haven’t started creating your Flunfy, we will be able to cancel it and give you a refund

I received my Flunfy but I don’t want it anymore, can I return it?

Your Flunfy is a unique creation completely based on your design, and for this reason we cannot accept returns

Which file formats can I upload?

You can upload JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG or PDF files

I need to manufacture large quantities, can you help?

Sure! We can offer serial production, just send us an email including the image, and make sure you specify the desired quantity and size, and we will prepare a dedicated offer for you
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Are you ready? Upload your image!

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